Happy Valentines Day

This morning on a news program, I saw a statistic that the average couple spends about 122$ each Valentines Day.

As an average, that sounded high to me. But then, we are a frugal couple.

Valentine’s Day has additional significance for us because it also marks the anniversary of our first date.

About five years ago we started something that has turned into a tradition of sorts. As I was looking through the cards I’d saved from previous years, I noticed that each year’s card contained a similar sentiment.

Since neither of us particularly enjoy shopping for cards, I suggested we reuse our old cards. After all, it saves money, time, and it is “green.”

On one of the cards I had written a lovely, inspired expression of my love. It included the number of years since our first date – at the time it had been six years. In the subsequent years since then, I’ve marked through the previous number and add the current one.

We both get a kick out of it. He usually brings me a couple of helium balloons, too. The cat thinks they are for her, so watching her jump for the dangling ribbons gives us an entertainment bonus. Balloons don’t recycle well, unfortunately.

This year I decided I really wanted a flower of some sort. Not a rose—just a real flower.

A cut flower, without roots still attached. (I’ve learned it’s best to be specific.)

When he mentioned visiting the neighbor’s yard to see what was in bloom, I suggested that was not the best idea. Of course, it’s winter so nothing is in bloom!

He didn’t disappoint me. He went the extra mile and brought me a small bouquet. He said, “these were different from all the others – like you.” I’m assuming he meant that in a good way.

Thanks, Jungle. They are perfect. You are special, too.

Update: Originally posted in 2008. Sadly, we lost our cat this week, so we will forgo the balloons. We hope she is once again bouncing off the walls in our future heavenly home.