God is Good to Me—Chords and Lyrics

God is Good to Me

(G) God is good to me

(C) Oh what love I see

(G) Jesus as a Lamb was (D7) slain

(G) He delivered me

(C) Cleansed and set me free

(G) Lord of All

He rose (D7) a— (G) gain!

(C) Now I live

(G) Yet not I

(A7) Jesus is alive in (D7) me

(G) Sending the Spirit’s flame

(C) Showers of Latter Rain

(G) God has poured His love (D7) on (G) me!


Salvation Songs for Children, No.4 #d14
Editor: R. P. Overholtzer
Publisher: International Child Evangelism Fellowship, Pacific Palisades, CA, 1951

My elderly dad was singing this song one morning a few months ago, and I had to do some searching to find the two lines we didn’t remember.

Thank you to the kind reader who provided the song’s origin. My dad was a minister of music who directed adult, youth, and children’s choirs for many years.