Genesis Lesson 9 Day 4

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Genesis 14:1-16

Abram rescues Lot 

11. War broke out in the region.

Who were these people? My notes:

The tower of Babel was built in Shinar which later became Babylonia. This war occurred around 200 years later, so many of the people who lived during construction were still alive.2

Verse 2: Birsha, the name of the king of Gomorrah means wickedness.

Verse 5: Ashteroth Karnaim on the east side of the Jordan River, refers to the goddess Ashteroth, so they must have been idol worshipers. The Zuzims (Deuteronomy 2:20) and the Emims were giants (Deuteronomy 2:10-11).

Verse 6: Esau and his descendants conquered the inhabitants of Mount Seir and lived there. (Deuteronomy 2:22)

After a previous war, the losing nations were forced to pay tribute to King Kedorlaomer for twelve years, but in the thirteenth year they rebelled (and didn’t pay tribute.) The following year, King “K” and his allies showed up and defeated the rebel nations and then some.

The armies took Lot and all his possessions.

Archaeologist Nelson Glueck documented the destruction left by these kings: “I found that every village in their path had been plundered and left in ruins, and the countryside was laid waste. The population had been wiped out or led away into captivity. For hundreds of years thereafter, the entire area was like an abandoned cemetery, hideously unkempt, with all its monuments shattered and strewn in pieces on the ground” (cited in Morris).

12. Abram showed grace when he rescued Lot.

Lot chose to live among wicked, barbaric people and suffered the consequences. Abram could have said, “It’s his own fault. I tried to tell him, but he wouldn’t listen.” He also could have said, “I’m too old, and we’re outnumbered.”

Instead, Abram was an honorable man and didn’t disregard his role as family guardian and went to rescue Lot.

13. a. Abram versus King of Sodom

Abram grew rich and powerful because he had faith in God’s blessing. He also was prudent and wise to train and arm his men to defend his interests. 

They pursued the four kings and their armies. (“From the area of Sodom to Damascus is over 100 miles.”)

Even though Abram’s army pursued the other armies and had them on the run, they were still likely outnumbered, so they devised a wise strategy to attack at night.

They recovered all the captives and goods.

b. Admirable leadership qualities

Called and therefore blessed by God

Faithful and willing to show grace toward others and willing to restore them

Wise and prepared for battle

Strong and brave enough to contend with the enemy

Lot did not display these qualities. After the rescue, he ignored his wake-up call and moved right back to Sodom.

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