Genesis Lesson 8 Day 4

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Genesis 12:4-8

Abram moved to Canaan

9. Abram obeyed God. Hebrews 11:1-2, 8-10

By faith, Abram left Haran at the age of 75, not knowing where he was going, and lived like a foreigner in tents. He didn’t see the fulfillment of the promise, but passed it down to Isaac and Jacob.

He took everyone and everything with him—Sarai, his wife, his nephew Lot, all their possessions, and the people they had taken into their household at Haran. 

The Lord’s instructions to Abram were not only to leave Ur but also to leave all of his father’s house. He didn’t completely obey. He brought his nephew Lot with him. It wasn’t until after Lot left Abram (Genesis 13:14-18) that the Lord began to truly reveal the details to Abram. Abram was slow in obeying God, but he eventually did, and that’s when the real blessings of God began to come.2

10. a. Abram’s faith

He left Haran without a destination or a map.

Other people already inhabited the land, but he didn’t turn around and go back.

When God appeared to Abram and spoke to him saying, “I will give this land to your offspring.”

Abram built an altar to Yahweh, who appeared to him there.

b. Our promises

We don’t have specific promises about our roles or outcomes here, although we feel led in a couple of directions.

I do have unfulfilled promises about my family. Like Abram, I wanted to bring some of them with us. Even today when we ran an errand, I kept my eye out for nice neighborhoods, schools, shops they like, etc.

I’m embarrassed by how often I try to think of a way to persuade them. I still harbored the hope they would follow us here until just now, when I pondered how badly things eventually turned out for Lot’s family.

Abram probably brought Lot and family along because he felt responsible for them, too.

We should learn a lesson from this. Things will always go better in the long run if we do what the Lord tells us to do when He tells us to do it. God’s will is always best. We shouldn’t lean unto our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5).2


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