Genesis Lesson 7 Day 5

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Genesis 11:1-9

The tower of Babel

“Archaeology has revealed that this type of kiln-fired brick and asphalt construction was common in ancient Babylon.” (Morris)1

“This tower was real. The ancient Greek historian Herodotus said the tower of Babel still stood in his day and he had seen it.”1

13. Come let us build ourselves a city. . . 

And a tower whose top is in the heavens.

  • The people disobeyed God’s command to spread out and fill the earth by coming together and building a great city and tower in that place. (Genesis 9:1)
  • Building a strong, waterproof tower that would reach into the heavens could mean they didn’t believe God’s promise not to flood the earth again. (some think it was an observatory)
  • Originally, high places were dedicated to pagan worship. Later, some also worshiped Yahweh on mountains or high places they set up. Babel wasn’t to worship the one true God. 

14. a. They desired to build a great city for themselves.

Nimrod’s attributes

  • Charismatic leader who convinced others to follow him.
  • Strong, probably muscular physique, perhaps taller than most
  • His strength and reputation as a warrior left others too intimidated to stand up to him.

They worked together on an egocentric project versus seeking or following God, building a monument to their pride, power, wealth, abilities, and pagan tendencies. 

By building the tower, they could reach and observe heaven by their own efforts.

Most astrological and occult practices have a history back to Babel.1

b. Current application

Seek secular sources for wisdom to solve our problems

Please ourselves or other people instead of God

Build our reputation with titles, appearance, personality, wealth, power, or importance

Align with others of importance who may help us further our desire

Villains who plot world domination is a frequent movie theme. Other real-life Nimrods like Alexander the Great, Hitler, and Marxist/communist leaders murdered countless numbers of people to further their evil, misguided agendas, leaving millions in misery and poverty for decades. 

15. They waste their time with futile plans.

. . . and waste their time with futile plans? Psalm 2:1-5

The one enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them.

16. Lord, help us seek to make you famous.

Lord, You rule in heaven. You gave Your Son, Jesus, the anointed one, the nations as his inheritance. I pray those who rule in the earth will wisely serve You with fear and trembling and submit to Your royal son so You will not be angry. May those of us who love You take refuge in You.

Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

For Yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever! Amen.

17. (Day 6) God’s sovereignty and humanity’s free will

The [complete] account of what happened at Babel with its anti-God dictator, its organized rebellion against God, and its direct distrust of God’s promise shows man has gotten no better since the flood. Time, progress, government, and organization have made man better off, but not better.1

God is sovereign, and he has limits to how much and how long he will strive with man. He waits much longer than we would.

It’s hard for us to understand why He allows child abuse and sexual abuse and doesn’t stop it. 

Regardless of the suffering and injustice we endure, Joseph’s story reminds us that God is a redeemer of impossible situations. Joseph forgave his brothers and found favor against all odds.

If we allow Him, forgive and let go of bitterness, He will redeem it.

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