Genesis Lesson 5 Day 4

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Genesis 6-7

The Lord commanded Noah to build and fill the ark.

10. Yahweh spoke to Noah.

  • God didn’t have to save anyone, not even Noah and his family. By grace, God counted him righteous. He was a godly man, but we know he wasn’t perfect because “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23 

  • The Biblical account doesn’t mention the spiritual condition of Noah’s family, but God’s grace covered them, too. It reminds me of Acts 16:31 “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.” (emphasis added)

  • God gave Noah detailed plans to build an ark. (Moffit’s translation calls it a barge.) His instructions included the wood to use, the length, width, and height, three decks, rooms inside, a window, and a door. 

  • He also told Noah the reason for the project. Since it took him 250 years to finish the project, knowledge of the coming flood surely kept him going. It must have been reassuring to know his wife and family would escape death, too.
  • My covenant [in Genesis 6:18] is the first mention of a Biblical covenant. God’s protection through the impending Flood is His first installment of the covenant promise.
  • Seven days before the rain began, Yahweh told Noah it was time to gather his household into the ship along with the animals and provisions.

11. a. Thus Noah did. He did all that God commanded him. Genesis 6:22

b. During this trying year and the days ahead, it’s more important than ever to hear God’s voice. I ask Him to open my spiritual ears and eyes to know what to do and when.

12. Personal instructions

I envy Noah’s detailed instructions. I think it was nine years ago the Lord prompted me to ask my sister-in-law about the Bible study she attended. I looked into it, found one meeting nearby, signed up, and began two months before the end of Acts and Letters of the Apostles.

The next fall, Genesis study began. After ten lessons, I felt I was to post my answers on the blog I hadn’t touched in a few years. 

I’m still writing and publishing these lessons because when I ask if I should continue, I don’t hear Him say stop. 

In 2019, the Lord told us to move. So, amid all the coronavirus craziness, we sold our house and gave away or sold all our furniture and most everything else. We’re sort of camping out now until further notice, surrounded by the boxes and totes we squeezed into our car and a family member’s SUV.

We’re awaiting further instructions.

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Genesis Lesson 5 day 4

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