Genesis Lesson 4 Day 5

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Genesis 4:17-26

Cain’s descendants increase, and Seth is born.

14. Progress made by Cain’s descendents

Cities: The Bible uses the same word for a city or village of any size.3 Cain built a city and named it after his son, Enoch. (Not the same Enoch as the one in Genesis 5:24 who “walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.”)

Agriculture: They lived in tents and raised livestock. (Abel’s profession.)

Creations/Inventions: They created tools of iron and bronze (mining?), musical instruments, and tents.

Music: Jubal’s family and descendants were musicians, playing instruments

The Arts: Lamech married two women – one was the mother of Jubal, father of musicians, all those who play the harp and flute, and the other the mother of Tubal-Cain, father of those who forged tools out of bronze and iron and Jabal, father of those who made tents to live in.

Lamech also wrote a poem to brag about killing a man.

15. Character of Cain’s offspring

Lamech was even more depraved than his father. He killed a young man merely for hurting him and bragged about it to his wives. He also married two women. Polygamy wasn’t the plan God established.

The name Irad [Lamech’s grandson] means “fugitive” (Strong’s Concordance). This name reflects Enoch’s feelings about himself and his family. The name Mehujael means “smitten of God” (Strong’s Concordance), likewise reflecting the shame and suffering caused by Cain’s sin. The sin of Cain affected his descendants; so does ours.2

16. Seth is born to Adam and Eve.

After the birth of Seth’s son Enoch, “men began to call on Yahweh’s name.” 

17. “. . . men began to call on Yahweh’s name.” 

Thankfully, the chapter ends on an encouraging note. Despite man’s sin, God always preserves a remnant.

God sent me before you to preserve for you a remnant in the earth, and to save you alive by a great deliverance. Genesis 45:7

It will happen that whoever will call on Yahweh’s name shall be saved;
for in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be those who escape,
as Yahweh has said, and among the remnant, those whom Yahweh calls. Joel 2:32

Now for a little moment grace has been shown from Yahweh our God, to leave us a remnant to escape, and to give us a nail in his holy place, that our God may lighten our eyes, and revive us a little in our bondage. Ezra 9:8

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