Genesis Lesson 4 Day 4

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Genesis 4:13-16

11. Cain shows no remorse, only self pity.

Unrepentant: Cain regrets the outcome of killing Abel, but he doesn’t repent.

Complaining and self-pity: He complains about a future of living out his life under God’s unbearable judgment. God’s judgments are never unjust. (1 Corinthians 1:10) 

Fear: Cain fears he will not make a living and that his family will try to kill him. 

Cain also adds a statement that God did not say—”I will be hidden from Your face.” It was Cain who “went out from Yahweh’s presence” (v. 16).

12. When God confronts me about sin

I know that God knows my heart, sees everything I do, and hears every word I speak. He doesn’t approach me with condemnation, but with conviction and love. I invite Him to search my heart and reveal my faults. (Psalm 139:23)

13. God’s amazing grace and mercy

Despite Cain’s stubborn pride, he remains hardhearted, rebellious, bitter, and unrepentant toward God. And yet, Yahweh still showed mercy by ensuring Cain’s protection by marking him somehow. Later in Cain’s life, his family prospers, so we learn that no one murdered him, and he didn’t starve to death. 

That’s amazing grace!

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