Genesis Lesson 26 Day 3

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Genesis Lesson 26 Day 3

Genesis 43:15-34

7) Joseph sends the brothers to his house for dinner.

When Joseph saw Benjamin with his brothers, he instructed his steward to take them to his house and prepare a meal so they could dine with him. Because they felt guilty about the money they found in their sacks and apprehensive because of Benjamin, they couldn’t think of any favorable reason that Joseph invited them to dinner. So, they were afraid he might be planning to overpower them and make them slaves and take their donkeys.

They explained to the steward about the money they found in their sacks and that they brought it back with and money to buy more grain.

8) The brothers and the steward

The steward says he has their money, so don’t be afraid. “Your God and the God of your father has put treasure in your sacks for you.” When he mentions the God of their father, it sounds like the steward knows who they are. He didn’t lie because he did receive their money, he just gave it back as a test as Joseph instructed him to.

The steward brought Simeon out to them. Was he working as a servant under the steward in Joseph’s house? Or did they send someone to bring him from prison? The latter doesn’t sound practical to me, because I can’t image Joseph lived close to the prison. Simeon would have needed time to get cleaned up, too. 

9) Joseph arrives for dinner.

Joseph gave them water and they washed their feet. “This love and goodness from Joseph would win them over and bring them to full repentance.”1

They brought him their gifts and bowed down. “They honored this Egyptian official not only out of respect, not only out of gratitude, but also out of need. Sensing we need Jesus will prompt us to give to Him and worship toward Him.”1

Joseph seats them at the table by birth order and favors Benjamin with an extravagant portion of food. There’s no way a stranger could guess their correct birth sequence. Several commentaries say the odds are something like 1 in 40 million. It’s no wonder they looked at each other in astonishment.

Benjamin’s serving of food was five time as much as any of the others. By this Joseph tested them to see if their hearts had changed. When Jacob favored Joseph, they hated him for it.

The brothers passed this test when they feasted and had a good time.

They passed the first test by bringing Benjamin safely to Egypt.

10) I didn’t think of a personal experience to answer this.

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