Genesis Lesson 23 Day 4

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Genesis Lesson 23 Day 4

Genesis 38:1-12

Judah wandered away from his brothers and his heritage.

Adullam means refuge, the justice of the people.

10) Judah wandered from his heritage.

Judah left the family home in Hebron, and the text makes a point of saying “from his bothers.” We can only speculate about why and when he left.

There is some question about the sequence of the events in this chapter.

Perez, the son born of the incest recorded in this chapter (Genesis 38:29), had children of his own when the children of Israel went down into Egypt (Genesis 46:12). That was only twenty-nine years after Joseph was sold into slavery. So, it can be supposed that the events recorded in this chapter didn’t happen AFTER Joseph was sold into slavery as the placement of this chapter might suggest. This had to have taken place probably a decade or more before Joseph was sold into slavery.2

So Judah traveled about eight or ten miles away from his family. It’s not surprising he didn’t go to Paddan Aram for a wife since Uncle Laban cheated Jacob and was corrupted by idolatry. They also made an agreement to stay away from each other.

Judah didn’t follow the family’s example to avoid marriage with Canaanites. By custom “he should [at least] ask his father to arrange a dowry and the family would have a big ceremony.”6

He saw Shua and took her as his wife, and they started living together.

“Through an ungodly and unwise marriage to a Canaanite woman, Judah fathered three sons: Er, Onan, and Shelah.”2 Their first son Er has a Hebrew name, but the other two are Canaanite. Judah was out of town when Shua gave birth to Shelah (Genesis 38:5). This suggests Judah became less involved with the family and Shua raised them in Canaanite ways and traditions.

We wonder why Judah chose a Canaanite woman for his son Er’s wife, too. Perhaps as he matured, the importance of his godly heritage caused him to step in, believing this woman was a better woman than others his son might choose.

11a) The Lord put Er and Onan to death.

Er was wicked in Yahweh’s sight. We don’t know the details, but Judah was far from godly. He was willing to kill Joseph, married outside of God’s will, he committed incest with his daughter-in-law who he thought was a prostitute. Yet, God let him live.

Judah asked Onan to do his duty to marry Tamar and raise up an heir to carry on his brother’s lineage. (This practice later became part of the Mosaic law Deuteronomy 25:5-10.) The main reason was so the dead man’s land wouldn’t transfer to his widow’s family.

Because he knew the child would not be considered his, he had sex with her, but spilled his semen on the ground to make sure she didn’t conceive. God considered his attitude and behavior as rebellion against Him and put him to death also. He defied his father, the custom of the day, showed a lack of respect for his dead brother.

God’s plan for the Messiah to come from the tribe of Judah is another reason God didn’t allow them to live and father children.

b) He is the Rock, His work is perfect.

I suspect this was just the last straw or the culmination of many things that had gone on. We can be assured that God’s judgment was correct.2
The Rock, his work is perfect, for all his ways are justice. A God of faithfulness and without iniquity, just and upright is he (Deuteronomy 32:4).

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