Genesis Lesson 23 Day 2

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Genesis Lesson 23 Day 2

Genesis 37:1-11

Joseph’s dreams increased his brothers’ hatred.

3) Reasons Joseph’s brothers hated him

  • Jacob loved him more deeply than his other sons.
  • When Joseph was seventeen, he brought a bad report about his brothers, the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah, to their father (Genesis 37:2) The report may have been about how they treated him.
  • Jacob  loved Joseph more than any of his other sons, because he was the son of his old age [and the son of Rachel, also his favorite.]
  • Jacob made Joseph a very special robe or tunic. (“See Septuagint, Vulgate; or (with Syriac) a robe with long sleeves. The meaning of the Hebrew is uncertain; also verses 23, 32″ (footnote on Genesis 37:3 in ESV)3

According to Boice, the real idea behind the ancient Hebrew phrase for tunic of many colors is that it was a tunic extending all the way down to the wrists and ankles, as opposed to a shorter one. This was not what a workingman wore. It was a garment of privilege and status. The man who wore a tunic of many colors watched others as they did hard physical labor.1

  • Joseph had two dreams in which his brothers and the sun, moon and stars bowed down to him.
  • Even his father criticized him about the dreams but his brothers were jealous.

4a) Joseph’s dreams Genesis 41:32, 44: 42:6; 44:14; 49:22-26

In the first dream, he and his brothers were tying grain into bundles out in the field. Suddenly, Joseph’s bundle of grain stood up and his brother’s bundles gathered around his and bowed down to it.

He had another dream in which he saw the sun, the moon, and 11 stars bowing down to him.

The dreams had the same meaning. He had a recurring dream which indicates that Elohim will definitely bring this to pass and soon. (See Genesis 41:32) 

In Genesis 41:44, we read that Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of everyone in Egypt. In fact, all of Egypt and beyond, including his brothers, came and bowed down to Joseph because of a widespread famine. (Genesis 42:6; Genesis 44:14)

b) God revealed Joseph’s destiny and identity through these dreams.

In fact, the Lord revealed details about all of their futures through Joseph’s dreams. Everyone was angry with Joseph, but their lives would depend on his help one day.

Many Bible scholars and teachers point out Joseph’s lack of wisdom in sharing his dreams with his family, but I believe he was supposed to share them. Years later, when Joseph reveals himself to his terrified brothers, they remembered.

Jacob probably shared his own powerful God-dream-encounters with Joseph. I believe Joseph’s dreams also contained that same powerful presence.

Even if Joseph didn’t recognize or understand it, he experienced it. The effect was life changing.

When someone encounters God in this way, it’s difficult to keep silent about it.

The promises contained in the dreams sustained Joseph’s faith through his days as a servant and a prisoner. His identity as a leader stands out in the stewards house, in prison and in the palace.

5) Jacob rebukes and questions Joseph.

It’s interesting that Jacob mentions Joseph’s mother, because unless this part of the story is out of sequence, Rachel had already passed away.

Even though he rebukes and questions Joseph, like Mary he “kept thinking about these things.” (Genesis 37:11 NOG)

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