Genesis Lesson 16 Day 3

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Genesis 25:19-26

Isaac and Rebekah expecting twins

6) Rebekah and Isaac faithfully sought the Lord.

  • When Rebekah first saw Isaac, he was out in the field meditating. (Genesis 24:63)
  • “Isaac prayed hard* to God for his wife because she was barren. (Genesis 25:21 Message Bible) The NKJV says, “Isaac pleaded with the Lord . . .”
    Although scripture doesn’t specifically say it, I assume he didn’t wait until year nineteen of their marriage to pray. He continued to pray. Surely he knew the story of how long it took for Sarah to conceive. To their credit, they did not grow impatient and create an Ishmael.
  • “The LORD granted his prayer and Rebekah his wife conceived.” (Genesis 25:21)
  • Rebekah inquired of the Lord because the babies struggled within her. (Genesis 25:22) And the Lord answered her with a prophetic word about them. (Genesis 25:23)

7) Waiting

Although my sons accepted the Lord early in their lives, two of them no longer profess their belief. I pray that every member of my family throughout the generations will be saved.

Our entire nation desperately needs a great revival.

8) Prophecy about the twins

The Lord said there were two nations in her womb, and the older was destined to serve the younger.

God’s choice of Isaac instead of Ishmael seems more logical to us. Yet His choice between Jacob and Esau, regarding which one would be the heir of God’s covenant of salvation, was just as valid, though in some ways it seemed to make less sense.

God chooses according to His divine wisdom, love, and goodness. We may not be able to understand God’s reasons for choosing, and they are reasons He alone knows and answers to, but God’s choices are not random or capricious.1

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