Genesis Lesson 15 Day 5

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Genesis Lesson 15 Day 5

Genesis 24:52-67

13. The servant and Rebekah’s faith and obedience

The servant brought out even greater gifts for Rebekah and gave costly ornaments (a dowry) to her brother and her mother.

“He thought, perhaps, that there were more golden bracelets to be had, that he was parting with his sister rather too cheaply, that he must not let the priceless gem go out of his hands too soon.” (Spurgeon)1

After eating and spending the night, Eliezer said, “Send me away to my master.” Rebekah’s mother and brother asked him to wait ten days. “But he said, “Do not delay me, since the LORD has prospered my way.”

When they asked Rebekah if she was willing to go, she said, “I will go.”

“Rebekah showed a remarkable willingness to leave everything she knew in order to be with a bridegroom she had never seen. Her words “I will go” were worthy words of faith.”1

After such a long journey, it’s surprising that Eliezer didn’t want to rest for a few days. Even the animals needed it. He was determined to leave immediately and Rebekah already “understood that her loyalty should be with her new family.”1

“If the world does not succeed in persuading the believer to abide in the world, it will seek to delay his exit… When you decide to go with the Lord, the world will applaud your devotion but will say, ‘Don’t rush. Abide a few days, at least ten, and then go.’” (Barnhouse)1

14. The cost

My parents set a good example of faith and obedience. Early in their marriage, my dad felt called to attend a specific seminary. He sold his small business and moved us 1126 miles away, leaving behind both of their families.

The outcome

That move led to an amazing spiritual journey that affected all of us. In his last years, Dad marveled that Mom always followed him wherever without complaint. I remember the moves as an exciting adventure. We met people who either were or later became heroes of the faith, and we experienced powerful moves of God everywhere we went.

One of my mother’s sisters who is nearly ninety says that our journey also affected the course of her life and her family.

Sadly, most of Dad’s family thinks he wasted his life and ruined ours.

15. Isaac’s example Genesis 24:62-67

On the journey, the servant likely answered Rebekah’s many questions about the man she was about to marry, the one she already loved, sight unseen.

“This was the first mention of Isaac since he was left on top of Mount Moriah (Genesis 22:19). We see nothing of Isaac from the time of his rescue from death (which might be thought of as a symbolic resurrection) to the time he was united with his bride.1″

Isaac followed his father’s example of spending regular time with the LORD. He was at the right place at the right time to see the caravan’s return.

“In all this, we see the coming together of Isaac and Rebekah as a remarkable picture of the coming together of Jesus and His people.

  • A father desired a bride for his son.
  • The son was accounted as dead and raised from the dead.
  • A nameless servant was sent forth to get a bride for the son.
  • The servant’s name was actually Eliezer, meaning “God of help” or “helper.
  • The lovely bride was divinely met, chosen, and called, and then lavished with gifts.
  •  She was entrusted to the care of the servant until she met her bridegroom.1″

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