Genesis Lesson 12 Day 4

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Genesis 19:15-29

God’s angels delivered Lot and his family from sodom’s destruction.

10. “Get up! Take your wife . . . lest you be consumed” 

Lot was the only one found righteous in the city of Sodom. Because of his righteousness, God was willing to spare his family and his daughters’ fiancé.

But he lingered. Why?

Lot was in the worst of all possible places. He had too much of the world to be happy in the LORD, and too much of the LORD to be happy in the world.1

  • It was an unbelievably beautiful and productive place, “like the garden of Yahweh.” Genesis 13:10

  • Perhaps it felt surreal, and the thought overwhelmed him.

  • Or waiting to see if his sons-in-law would change their minds, or maybe think of a way to change their minds.

  • His wife and daughters might have believed nothing would happen, and he couldn’t persuade them.

  • Leaving their home and belongings would be hard.

The kindly interest the angels took in the preservation of Lot is beautifully displayed. But he “lingered.” Was it from sorrow at the prospect of losing all his property, the acquisition of many years? Or was it that his benevolent heart was paralyzed by thoughts of the awful crisis? This is the charitable way of accounting for a delay that would have been fatal but for the friendly urgency of the angel. (Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary via

11. Yahweh rained sulfur and fire out of the sky.

Brimstone and fire likely refer to sulfurous fire. Many postulate that God sent a severe earthquake, accompanied by lightning that ignited bitumen and petroleum.4 

Today, some think these cities are buried under the Dead Sea, and their complete destruction is a testament to God’s judgment and grace in delivering His righteous people.1

God was willing to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if He found ten righteous. Sadly, Lot was the only one.

His mercy strives to overcome man’s slowness in following God’s calling. (Geneva study Bible)

What Lot’s family lost because of his choice

Everything. Lot lost the scenery, the excitement and prosperity. He lost his house, and its comforts, his belongings, his herds, his wife, his status, his friends, and his relationship with Abraham.

God showed Lot mercy when he and his family continued to linger even after the warning to leave immediately, by grasping them by the hands and leading them out of the city. Because of fear, Lot argued with the angel, begging to go to a small city rather than the mountains of Moab as instructed. The angel agreed not to destroy that city. 

Genesis 19 illustrates 1 Corinthians 3:14-15

All of Lot’s life efforts failed the test—It all burned up and came to naught. Only Lot and his two daughters escaped with their lives, and he lost his reward.

12. What I’ve learned from Lot’s mistake.

Don’t cling to the American dream or any other worldly dream, or material things or status. 

“Seek the Lord while He may be found and call on Him while he is near.” (Isaiah 55:6) And value the things that He values.

Ask the Lord for wisdom and direction often. (James 1:5)

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