BSF Romans Study

BSF Romans Study

If you are new to this website

I’m a BSF student. I post my answers to the lessons without posting any BSF copyrighted material. I quote from other resources according to their copyright guidelines or by special permission.

If you are a BSF student, you can find the lesson questions here.

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Posting sooner

I’ve had several requests to post the lessons sooner. That’s my number one goal during the study of Romans. I hope and pray my caregiver responsibilities will be less challenging this year.

Dad recently moved into assisted living, so I won’t need to drive him to appointments as often. Also, my son now has part-time help (besides me) caring for his wife, children, and household.

Starting date

I’ve heard that most classes begin the week of September 12th. If yours begins sooner, please let me know in the comments below, or via the contact form.

As always, I appreciate your prayers. A special thank you to the two readers who helped defray some of the cost to securely host the ever-increasing volume of content. 

As new BSF groups form in Africa, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Kenya, Egypt, and other countries around the world, they are currently studying Genesis, Revelation, Matthew, Life of Moses, and John. It’s exciting to know BSF and this effort reach the world!