Life of Moses Lesson 1 Day 2

My answers to BSF Lesson 1 Day 2

The Life of Moses Exodus 1:1-21 ~

References used in this Lesson are from The Message Bible. (affiliate link)

3.  The Israelites were in Egypt—
  • in fulfillment of a prophetic promise from God to Abraham about his descendants. Genesis 15:13
  • so the dependents of Abraham would be preserved during a prolonged famine. Genesis 45:4-18
  • in obedience to direction from God to Jacob. Genesis 46:3
  • God’s promise to protect Jacob’s descendants and bring them back as a great nation. Genesis 46:3-4
  • because Jacob and Joseph were obedient participants in God’s plan. Genesis 46:26-27

4.  a.  Now that the Israelites outnumbered the Egyptians, the new king feared they would side with their adversaries in a time of war.

b.  The first strategy to control the Israelites was hard, manual labor.

c.  The king’s first persecution strategy had the opposite of the desired effect. The Israelite population grew at an even greater rate. As a result, they spread throughout the land.

d.  The King’s plan “B” — He told the Hebrew midwives to kill every male newborn.

5.  a.  Shiphrah and Puah had far too much respect for God to obey an unjust command. By choosing not to kill the baby boys, they risked the wrath of Pharaoh.

Were Shiphrah and Puah overseers of other midwives? It’s hard to believe two women could handle all of the births. Perhaps they weren’t lying to Pharaoh, and the babies were born quickly without the midwives’ assistance.

b.  God was pleased with the midwives for choosing to obey Him and not submit to an ungodly law. He blessed them with families of their own. So God blesses and prospers those who choose to respect His will and His ways.