Matthew Lesson 5 Part 1

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My notes and afterthoughts on Matthew Lesson 4

  • Following God’s word is the way out of temptation.

  • Satan is not the opposite of God. He had a beginning as a created being.

  • We should never say God is tempting us.

  • God tests us for our good.

  • We assume our immediate physical (or emotional) need is the most important thing at the moment.

  • Temptation #1— to act independently of God

  • Temptation #2— God’s love and power put to the test. Making a demand on God.

  • Temptation #3— Satan asks Jesus – worship me

  • Self will is Satan’s will—Tragedy follows

  • Know the enemy—know his tactics

  • Jesus audibly verbalized the word of God. That was His weapon.

  • Don’t make God’s word so confusing that you miss the message.

  • The terms “dragon,” “serpent” and “leviathan” used in scripture to describe Satan are metaphors only and are not descriptive. It’s  possible he transformed himself into those forms?

  • I never thought much about how well Jesus knew the people of Nazareth. I always thought about how they knew him as the carpenter’s son and Mary’s son. It’s hard to imagine living in a small village where everyone knew each other so well.

  • Satan’s ultimate purpose in tempting Jesus was to thwart God’s plan for His life. However, I don’t think Satan really knew the plan. I think he thought Jesus’ death on the cross was his victory.