Matthew Lesson 3 Day 4

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Matthew Lesson 3 Day 4

Matthew 3:11-12

The one who is coming after me will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.

John’s baptism in water was a general baptism of repentance with the water symbolic of cleansing. Believers’ baptism in water represents baptism into Christ.

Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death?” Romans 6:3

9) Holy Spirit

John 14:26

Reminds us of spiritual truths we’ve heard. (I pray this over my grown sons.)

John 16:13-14

Guides us into all the truth
Doesn’t speak on his own authority, He will speak what He hears.
Tells us about things to come.
He will glorify Jesus.

Acts 1:5, 7-8

We will receive power when we are baptized in Holy Spirit.
Power to be witnesses throughout the whole earth.

10) Jesus, Yeshua, will baptize you with Holy Spirit and fire.

Ezekiel 37:14 “I will put my Spirit within you . . .”

This is the out-pouring of the Spirit promised with the New Covenant. “I will put my Spirit within you.”

Ezekiel 36:25-27; John 7:37-39; 16:13; Acts 1:5; 7-8

Joel 2:28 “In the last days . . . I will pour out my spirit on all flesh.”

Through the working of Holy Spirit, believers will prophesy, dream Spirit-given dreams, and see visions!

Ezekiel 36:25–27  The Holy Spirit will guide us to be like Jesus.

Cleansed spiritually within
Replaced my stone-cold heart with a new heart and a new spirit
Put His Spirit within me
Causes me to walk obediently in His ways according to what He has written on my heart. (See Jeremiah 31:33; Hebrews 8:10; Hebrews 10:16; Isaiah 51:7)

John 7:37–39 Out of our innermost being will flow rivers of living water.

Acts 1:5, 7-8 You will be baptized in/with the Holy Spirit.

Those who tarried in prayer received the Holy Spirit and fire just as Jesus promised. Later, believers were baptized with Holy Spirit when Ananias, Paul, and others laid hands on them.

Isaiah 44:3 He will pour out His Spirit on our offspring, and His blessing on our descendants.

11) Personal application

I am grateful for the free gift of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. I am thankful that He will never leave me or forsake me. I am grateful for dreams and visions, prophecy, counsel, wisdom, rivers of living water, and the promise that He will pour out His Spirit and blessing on my offspring and descendants!

I especially need Holy Spirit to remind me of truths I learned in the past and testimonies that relate to these questions.

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