Matthew Lesson 16 Day 5

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Matthew Lesson 16 Day 5

Matthew 15:29-38

12) Jesus fed 5000 and now 4000

Feeding the 5000 men and their families

  • Jesus was in search of a place to rest away from the crowds.
  • When the people found him, he felt compassion toward them.
  • He healed their sick.
  • Occurred near Bethsaida —Luke 9:10
  • The crowd had been with Jesus all day —Matthew 14:15
  • The disciples approached Jesus about sending the people away to find food. —Mark 6:35
  • Jesus told the disciples to feed them. —Mark 6:37
  • Food available—5 loaves and 2 fish—Mark 6:38
  • 5000 men were fed in addition to women and children —Mark 6:44
  • Twelve baskets of food were left over —Mark 6:43
  • Jesus immediately sent the disciples away by boat —Matthew 14:22

Feeding the 4000 men and their families

  • Jesus went up on the mountain and sat down ready to teach.
  • A large crowd came bringing the lame, blind, mute, maimed, and many others who needed healing.
  • Occurred in Decapolis —Mark 7:31
  • The crowd had been with Jesus three days —Matthew 15:32
  • He had compassion on them knowing they hadn’t brought enough food for three days.
  • Jesus called the disciples to Him and said He didn’t want to send them away hungry. —Matthew 15:32
  • Food available—7 loaves and a few small fish —Matthew 15:34
  • Seven baskets of food were left over —Matthew 15:37
  • 4000 men were fed, besides woman and children —Matthew 15:38
  • Jesus got into the boat after sending the crowds away —Matthew 15:39

The disciples reacted the same way both times. They focused on the size of the “mountain” Instead of the size of their God.


Be persistent in prayer and faith regardless of the delay. Focus on the things unseen.

Jesus has compassion and cares about my needs. He can make the little that I have—time, energy, expertise, money, food, resources—more than enough. Pray that I will look to Him and depend on Him for all that I need and not look at the natural realm.

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