Matthew Lesson 14 Day 4

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Matthew Lesson 14 Day 4

Matthew 13:47-50 Parable of the net

9)  Parable of the net

Net — the gospel message

Good fish — Christians/believers/saints

Bad fish — hypocrites/unbelievers

Fishermen — Jesus and anyone else who shares and spreads the gospel do the fishing. Angels separate the good and bad.

Outcomes for the two types of fish — The good fish were plucked out of the net and kept. The bad fish were discarded.

10a) Similarities Matthew 13:37-43 and Matthew 13:47-50

  • The kingdom of heaven is a spiritual kingdom that can’t be obtained, attained, or understood with our minds alone.
  • This kingdom is worth more than anything else we could seek.
  • We are not of this world.

Parable of the net, Jesus and his disciples fish for whatever the nets will catch. Similar to the harvest of wheat and tares, they separate the good fish from the ones that aren’t edible.

In the parable of hidden treasure, someone buys the field. The field he purchased is again the world.

The angels harvest the whole crop–the whole world. The good and bad will be separated. The bad will be discarded.

In the hidden treasure and pearl of great price, both also again represent the whole world. One interpretation is Jesus is the one who makes the sacrifice to gain the His treasured people. Another common meaning is that a person should be willing to give up anything and everything for the kingdom.

b) Responses

warnings and encouragement

Our choices are significant, some have eternal consequences.

The gospel message must be preached to every tribe and in every nation.

I think Jesus gave more than one example to emphasize the importance of the kingdom of heaven.

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