BSF Genesis Lesson 28 Day 2

DAY 2:**


  • Christ – stripped of his seamless robe…..Joseph – stripped of his ornate robe
  • Christ – crucified publicly and displayed naked as a common criminal….Joseph – likely stripped and displayed as merchandise – sold as a slave in the town square
  • Christ – humbled himself by stepping down from his favored place and becoming a helpless infant > child > carpenter > etc….Joseph – lost his status as the favored son to become a slave > prisoner > servant.

4. When none of Pharaoh’s magicians could interpret his dream, the cupbearer remembered his promise to the kind, young Hebrew who correctly interpreted his own dream and the dream of the baker. Pharaoh certainly remembered the circumstances surrounding this incident.

5. Significant points in Pharaoh’s dreams:

  • The repetition of the number seven
  • The repetition of fat, healthy cows and full, healthy heads of grain followed by scrawny, ugly cows and worthless heads of grain
  • The repetition of the scrawny and worthless swallowing up the healthy
  • The fact that Pharaoh woke up following the first dream, fell back to sleep and dreamed the second, similar dream

6.  In his interpretation, Joseph focused on what God revealed to Pharaoh by giving him the two dreams.

What did you see differently or in addition to my answers?

**I’m now breaking the answers to the BSF study questions into separate posts by days.