BSF Genesis Lesson 28 Day 1

DAY 1:

1.  Character is what God knows you to be. Reputation is what people think you are.

In times of suffering, we want to crawl in a hole. If we do, we see nothing but ourselves. When we focus on HIM, then God allows us to see the needs of others.

2. In the notes, the section about Joseph in prison is interesting. Gen. 39:19 says Potiphar burned with anger when his wife told him what Joseph tried to do. I heard a speaker suggest that Potiphar knew about his wife’s tendencies before the apparent adulterous incident. I could see no evidence in the scripture to support that.

However, the notes point out that execution was the typical punishment for adultery. So the fact that Potiphar extended mercy to Joseph tends to support that supposition.

The scripture references from Psalm 105 give further information about Joseph’s time in prison.