BSF Lesson 27 Genesis Day 4

8. a. Joseph showed compassion by asking the cupbearer and the baker why they looked depressed. He further offered to help.

b. Joseph displayed God’s love by using his spiritual gift to lift and edify someone in need. Joseph also glorified the name of God.


  • Ask the Holy Spirit to quicken us to the needs of those around us.
  • Ask them questions and listen and discern the real need.
  • Use the Spirit’s wisdom in how to minister God’s love in the best way possible.
  • Minister to their needs as unto the Lord. (See Matthew 25:40)

9. a. God sees, knows, and concerns Himself with the affairs of individuals. God reveals Himself through people who have a relationship with Him.

b. The cupbearer forgot Joseph, leaving him behind to languish in the dungeon.

10. Joseph’s gifts and character qualities:

He was…

  • humble
  • a skilled manager
  • physically attractive
  • hard-working
  • intelligent
  • wise
  • ethical
  • virtuous
  • trustworthy
  • an interpreter of dreams
  • compassionate
  • in control of his emotions and passions