BSF Lesson 27 Genesis Day 3


6. a. Joseph refused, day after day. He said he would not betray his master’s trust nor would he do such a wicked thing and sin against God. When she caught him by his cloak when no one else was around, he ran out of the house, leaving his cloak behind.

b. Refuse. Run if necessary.

7. a. In the prison, Joseph continued to prove himself 100% trustworthy. He was again put in charge of everything, so he had a new opportunity to hone his leadership skills. He also had a new opportunity to overcome pride.

b. If I continue to seek first the kingdom of God, renew my soulish mind, and offer myself as a living sacrifice, He will use me as He sees fit.

When I was younger, I might have been all over this question. I remember going through difficult situations in institutional church ministry. Others would say, “Just imagine what God is preparing you for!”

What I imagined amounted to selfish ambition.

We are to be a friend of God and a servant of others. Forty years later, my leadership involves cleaning up after children and the sick, and allowing myself to be micro-managed. I bite my tongue so often, it is beginning to look like Swiss cheese.

What I have learned – earthly crowns = poisonous.  Heavenly crowns = priceless.