Genesis Lesson 29 Day 4

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Genesis Lesson 29 Day 4

Genesis 50:15-21

Joseph comforts his brothers.

13) “What if Joseph hates us and pays us back for the evil we did to him?”

The brothers sent messengers to Joseph with a story they probably made up saying that before their father died he said, “Say to Joseph, “I’m begging you to forgive the crime and the sin your brothers committed against you. What they did to you was very evil. So now, please forgive our crime, because we are servants of your father’s Elohim” (Genesis 50:17 NOG).

Joseph cried when he received their message. Then his brothers also came and immediately bowed down in front of him and said “We are your slaves!”(Genesis 50:18.

The brothers feared that Joseph would repay them for mistreating him and selling him into slavery now that their father, Jacob, was dead.

14) Joseph’s comforting words and actions (Romans 8:28)

Joseph reassured his brothers and spoke kindly to them. He also promised to provide for them and their children.

He forgave them, became their provider, showed them mercy, and love—the picture of grace. Joseph gave them what they did not deserve.

Joseph found comfort in knowing his destiny and that he fulfilled it, keeping many people alive.

15) Applying Genesis 50:19-21

Be grateful and never lose my joy. God is able to work all things for my good.

Stay in a love relationship with Christ, seeking Him with all my heart, and trusting Him to direct my path. Avoid taking matters into my own hands or feeling sorry for myself.

In 1993, during prayer, I saw in my mind’s eye a 3-dimensional tapestry. I heard with my spiritual ear “God weaves three-dimensional tapestries.”

As I watched, I saw this cylindrical tapestry turning slowly as an invisible hand wove threads of red, bronze, silver, and gold diagonally from the upper right toward the lower left.

With unimaginable level of complexity, our Creator intersects circumstances in many lives to answer one simple prayer. Our lives are intricately interwoven with the lives of others.

It seems answers comes slowly, but many tiny, individual stitches have to be worked. All we see is the finished work, the overall pattern, not the individual stitches. And we only see it from our perspective.

We see it like an Egyptian statue that is only designed to be viewed from the front. But God’s work is a Michelangelo—beautiful and perfect from every conceivable angle.

The complexity of it all boggles our minds. But God is so incomprehensibly wise that it is a simple joy for Him. It isn’t hard work to Him at all.

He loves creating beautiful miracles in the tapestry of our lives.


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