Genesis Lesson 27 Day 3

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Genesis Lesson 27 Day 3

Genesis 45:16-28

Pharaoh invites Jacob’s Family to live in Egypt.

6) Pharaoh and his officials were pleased.

Pharaoh and his officials were pleased when they heard about Joseph’s brothers. He instructed Joseph to say the following to his brothers:

  • Load up your animals, and go back to Canaan.
  • Take your father and your families, and come to me.
  • I will give you the best land in Egypt.
  • Take some of our wagons with you for your children and your wives.
  • Bring your father and come back.
  • Don’t worry about your belongings because the best of everything here in Egypt is yours.

Joseph gave them wagons and supplies for their journey back to Canaan. He gave each brother a change of clothes, but to Benjamin he gave five changes of clothes and three hundred pieces of silver. (The silver sounds heavy. I’m not sure what he would even do with it on the journey. Other than it may help convince Jacob. Poor donkeys.”)

Speaking of donkeys, he sent his father ten male donkeys carrying Egypt’s specialties and ten male donkeys carrying grain, bread, and food for the trip.

As they were leaving—it’s interesting that Joseph was around while they loaded up to return home—Joseph said, “Don’t get angry with each other and quarrel on your way back!” He knew them well.

Brian Hardin of Daily Audio Bible says Joseph was telling them, “Don’t play the blame game.” That makes sense because they just learned that Joseph survived their murder attempt. Reuben tried to stop them by suggesting they put him in a dry pit, then Judah convinces them to sell him to a caravan of Ishmaelite traders.

Now they have to decide if they will make a full confession to Jacob, or just say, “Guess what! Joseph didn’t get torn to pieces at all! So, we have no idea how his fancy tunic got all bloody. By the way, he’s ruling Egypt now!”

What amazing grace Pharaoh showed to Joseph and his family! Egyptians still found Hebrews detestable in some ways, so this has to be a God thing.

7) Jacob hears the good new that Joseph is alive!

He didn’t believe it! The brothers were worried about their father dying if Benjamin didn’t come back with them, but now the news that Joseph is alive sends him into shock!

It took some convincing, but after they told Jacob the whole story, well maybe not the WHOLE story, and showed him the wagons that Joseph sent to carry him to Egypt, he was convinced.

8a) Tidings of great joy

Many years ago, I was visiting my grandparents along with my dad and sons in another state. For some reason, probably because my sons were very young, I didn’t go to church with them.

When they came home, my grandmother excitedly said, “Dan joined the church!” By that she meant, he accepted Jesus.

Until they retired, he never went to church. I thought he only went that morning because my dad was in town, but I learned he started attending regularly some time before that.

I could hardly believe my ears. As a child, I begged him to come to church with us. I was so worried about his soul and prayed for his salvation. What a glorious moment that was!

b) I’m trusting God to intervene concerning an incorrectly coded medical claim.

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