Genesis Lesson 15 Day 3

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Genesis 24:15-27

6) The servant’s answered prayer

“Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear.” Isaiah 65:24

Before the servant finished his prayer, Rebekah, granddaughter of Abraham’s brother, Nahor, appeared with a pitcher on her shoulder.


  • A relative
  • Beautiful
  • Unmarried (a virgin)
  • Hurried to get him a drink of water
  • Offered to draw water for all his camels, too.

He waited and watched “her in silence to learn whether the LORD had prospered his journey or not.”

As I mentioned in Day 2, scholars estimate it took her an hour to complete the task of watering ten camels.

By then, he knew she was the one. He gave her a gold ring for her nose and two gold bracelets before he even asked about her family. He praised God when he learned she was one of Abraham’s relatives. This further confirmed God answered his prayer.

7) Answered prayer

  • The LORD directed us, confirmed and continues to confirm our move to a Christian community.
  • He also showed us not to accept the first two offers on our house. The offer we accepted answered our prayer that the new owner would be someone who needed the attached studio apartment to care for a family member.
  • My oldest son was healed of kidney failure.
  • Asked the LORD to send help for my son’s family because he needed more help than I could provide. (His wife was very ill for several years while their children were young, and he was working two jobs.)
    • A neighbor taught the 6 year old to ride a bicycle.
    • Three different neighbors mowed their grass.
    • Dad trimmed and pruned their shrubs and raked up the trimmings. 
    • Another neighbor offered to call the city to pick up the piles.
    • After the city picked up, that neighbor bagged up the loose debris they missed.
    • An anonymous church contacted the children’s elementary school and wanted to provide Christmas gifts for large families. Whoever chose the gifts for my grandchildren did a miraculous job. My son and daughter-in-law could not believe how perfectly every gift suited each child.

8) Eliezer and Rebekah’s character qualities

According to Jewish tradition, this servant was Abraham’s steward, Eliezer of Damascus—the one who would be Abraham’s heir if he didn’t have a son. 


  • Trustworthy—Abraham wouldn’t have chosen him as his steward and given him the task of finding a wife who would fulfill Isaac’s destiny.
  • Capable—This was a long journey into the unknown. He had to navigate, take charge of the caravan and probably chose the other servants who accompanied him.
  • Strong faith—He had a relationship with Almighty God.


    • Discerning—She likely discerned that Eliezer was a good man.
    • Strong
    • Eager to serve
    • Brave—She agreed to leave the next day. Willing to obey God immediately and did not look back like Lot’s wife.

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