Acts + Letters Lesson 6 Day 4

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Acts 9:1-19a


Jesus confronts Saul in a brilliant, blinding light and with a booming voice.

9. Persecution today runs the gamut from subtle to horrific.

Christianity, Christians, institutional churches, and high-profile ministers are often targeted in the media of all types as ignorant, misguided, old-fashioned, boring, hypocrites, opportunists, etc.

Other sources of persecution include terrorist organizations, individual shooters, atheist governments, and internet trolls.

Some religious leaders verbally attack women who teach the Bible and write off believers who don’t hold to the same traditions and beliefs.

10. Ananias knew the voice of Jesus.

In a vision, the Lord gave Ananias a street address saying, “Get up and go.” Ananias protested at first because of Saul’s reputation as a terrorist.

Then the Lord said the most remarkable things about Saul’s encounter and his plans for Saul’s life. He told Ananias — Saul is blind, and he had a dream in which he saw you heal him.

Ananias left his house and did everything according to the Lord’s instructions.

11. God confronted Saul in a spectacular and unmistakable way.

Saul’s agenda ends and now it’s the Lord’s turn.

Just outside of Jerusalem’s city limits, Saul and the men with him heard the booming voice from heaven. Together they were on a mission to persecute Jesus and now he is asking “why?”

Until now, Saul had a head knowledge of scripture and the Jewish traditions. He didn’t know the love of God.

This must have been a terrifying moment since he believed God was unmerciful and demands vengeance.

Saul humbly asks two questions:

“Who are you, Lord?”

And, “What do you want me to do?”

Personal experience

I asked Jesus into my heart at age five. I’m so thankful I really don’t remember life without him.

I’ve been asking Saul’s second question my whole life.

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