Acts + Letters Lesson 4 Day 5

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Acts 6:1-7


As the community of believers grew rapidly, internal problems arose.

11. An internal conflict arises

…Hebrews tended to regard Hellenists as unspiritual compromisers with Greek culture, and Hellenists regarded Hebrews as holier-than-thou traditionalists. There was already a natural suspicion between the two groups, and Satan tried to take advantage of that standing suspicion. (Guzik)

“It is not suggested that the oversight was deliberate… more probably the cause was poor administration or supervision.” (Stott)

This situation reminds me of when Jethro advises Moses to choose capable, trustworthy men who fear God to serve as judges. The job was too much for one person.

In this case, the daunting task is managing resources.

This didn’t concern the actual serving of food and cleaning of dining tables for these widows. This speaks of handling the practical administration of the financial and practical details relevant to caring for the widows. “A ‘table’ at that time meant a place where a money changer did his collecting or exchanging of money. The deacons were elected to oversee the distribution of monies and provisions to the needy among the fellowship.” (Ogilvie)

However, “the words food or funds never appear in any Greek manuscript of the New Testament. The words first make their appearance in translations of the Bible from the 1940s onwards. In the context of chapter six of Acts, the daily diakonia may refer to the ministry of the Word and not food or funds.” (Seven Deacons)

12. The apostles focused on spiritual character.

They asked the community of believers to choose seven men from among them.

Men with good reputations

Full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom

Their objective – Solve the problem.

If the disgruntled chose men they trusted, they would likely be satisfied with the solution.

The resources must be managed properly and faithfully.

They transferred the task to seven men and not just one person.

13. a. Needs


b. Look for ways to help.

Help prepare and serve a meal at a local Judao-Christian homeless shelter.

Donate unused medications to Social Services for distribution to those in need.

Help family and neighbors


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