Acts + Letters Lesson 4 Day 4

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Acts 5:17-42


The Apostles obeyed God rather than men.

8. The religious leaders ignored prophecy and did not fear God. John 15:26-27

Jesus said, “He who hates me, hates my Father also.” (John 15:23 WEB) He also pointed them to David’s prophecy in Psalm 35:19 and 69:4 that the religious leaders would hate him (and them) without a cause.

‘A servant is not greater than his lord.’ (John 13:16) If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you.

Gamaliel wisely advised the council,

…if this work is of men, it will be overthrown. But if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow it, and you would be found even to be fighting against God!” (Acts 5:38-39 WEB)

This work was of God. The apostles remained obedient to God. The Sanhedrin proved they hated the Father and missed out on the Holy Spirit.

9. a. Found faithful

Each time the religious leaders arrested the apostles, they went willingly and did not appeal to the crowd for protection.

After the angel delivered the apostles from prison, they obediently went right back to teaching in the temple and in homes.

b. They suffered dishonor for Jesus’ name. (Acts:5:41 WEB)

When the apostles beaten and released, they left rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor for Jesus’ name. (Acts 5:41 WEB)

Every day, in the temple and at home, they never stopped teaching and preaching Jesus, the Christ. (Acts 5:42 WEB)

10. Personal application

Be faithful.

Ask the Holy Spirit to give me the right words to say.

Rejoice when I suffer dishonor for the name of Jesus.

Rely on the Spirit of Truth. — Learning scripture does not guarantee I will know the truth. 

Remember that Jesus said the religious leaders – those who memorized scripture and taught it to others – hated him and his Father.

They killed God’s Son and persecuted his followers.


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