Acts + Letters Lesson 27 Day 2

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Acts 27:1-26

After over two years in prison, Paul begins a six-month, perilous voyage to Rome where he remains in prison for two more years. “So Paul was under arrest about five years.”2 

3. Paul’s journey to Italy

Julius, the Roman officer in charge of delivering Paul and other prisoners, allowed Paul the liberty to leave the ship at Sidon and visit his friends who lived there.

After changing ships, struggling to make headway, and delays, Paul warned the sailors it was too dangerous to continue so late in the year [the day of Atonement, the beginning of October].

An Alexandrian ship sailing to Italy: This was a grain freighter, taking grain grown in Egypt to Italy. According to Hughes, the typical grain freighter of that period was 140 feet long and 36 feet wide. It had one mast with a big square sail, and instead of what we think of as a rudder, it steered with two paddles on the back part of the ship. They were sturdy, but because of its design, it couldn’t sail into the wind.1

The Roman centurion paid more attention to the ship’s pilot and owner, disregarding Paul’s advice which led to disaster.

4. God sent an angel to encourage Paul and everyone aboard.

Paul began by reminding them of his warning—it was too dangerous to continue this journey. The cargo, the ship, and their lives would be lost.

They all could have avoided this crisis by following his advice.

Paul’s encounter with the angel encouraged him, and he shared the news with his fellow passengers—no lives would be lost!

No doubt he had their attention this time. His prophecy unfolded as just as he said. They were a hungry, frightened, and captive audience, and he offered supernatural hope.

5. God made a way.

Paul found himself in a crisis that wasn’t his fault. As a prisoner, he couldn’t refuse to continue this ill-fated journey.

Despite poor timing, bad weather, and bad decisions, God spared Paul, the other prisoners, and passengers.

God valued the souls on board but not the ship, tackle, or cargo.  

Again this week, what good timing for this lesson. The COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted some aspects of our economy and most of our routines. Our typical Easter activities are canceled, too. 

I’ve read reports that Bible sales have increased online, and at least one Walmart is sold out. 


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2 AWM Living Commentary

Unless noted, all Scripture from public domain WEB translation.

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