Acts + Letters Lesson 24 Day 3

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1 Corinthians 15:12–34

6. The importance of the resurrection continued.

In Day 2’s lesson, I shared the following quotes:

The resurrection of Jesus sets Christianity completely apart from every other religion of the world. The founders of every other religion have died and are still buried, but Jesus is alive from the dead. His tomb is empty. There have been countless religious leaders who claimed to show the way to God, but where’s their proof that they were right? Jesus provided us with the ultimate verification of His authority: He arose from the dead.

Forgiveness of sins is not obtained by a doctrine but by Christ Himself (Matthew 9:2, 6; and Acts 5:31) (AWLC)

If Jesus didn’t die and rise from the dead, he can’t save us.

The good news spread because Jesus’ followers saw him and obeyed his instruction to go into all the world and share it.

7. Most important to me

I know my savior is alive!

My sin is forgiven.

I’m a new creation in Him.

In him I live and move and have my being.

He kept his promise.

I can trust that he will keep his other promises, too.

8. Sharing the resurrection message

I won’t mention the person online, but this person is unwilling to listen. They talk over me when I try.

I’ve run into this same reaction from a few strangers. I would never do that when someone is speaking to me, so it seems like an impolite response.

All I know to do is pray and ask the Lord to give me the opportunity or send another laborer; send a dream, a vision, a billboard, a movie, or some other way. He knows what will reach our loved ones.

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