Acts + Letters Lesson 13 Day 3

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Acts + Letters Lesson 13 Day 3

Hebrews 2

Why Jesus became human

6. Jesus became human and tasted death for everyone.

If God the Son did not add humanity to His deity, and in His humanity become a little lower than the angels, then He could never experience the suffering of death on our behalf. (Enduring Word)

It was necessary for God to become a man so he could destroy the devil. He still exists, but his power and authority has been destroyed. The only way he exerts any influence at all is because of the ignorance of people. His only weapon is deception. That’s why knowing the truth makes us free (John 8:32) (AWLC).

Jesus put all things under his feet. (v. 8) He took authority away from Satan.

When Jesus experienced life as a human, he could identify with us as our high priest as a perfect intercessor. (v, 17)

He suffered temptation, so he is able to help us when we are tempted. (v. 18)

Jesus and salvation

Therefore we are sanctified by One who has been sanctified. We are all of the same human family, so Jesus is not ashamed to call them (that is, us) brethren. He could not be our brother unless He was also human like us. (Enduring Word)

7. Be attentive to the truth of God’s message.

Although the readers of this letter weren’t yet in danger of losing their lives for their faith, they “had begun to suffer ridicule. They were being stereotyped as irrelevant and weird. . . .In the first century, these cultural pressures were causing many Hebrew believers to withdraw into the woodwork and hide their faith. Others were turning their backs and walking away altogether, returning to traditional Judaism” (Hardin, 2019).

Don’t drift away like a boat without an anchor.

The protection against drifting is to have Christ at once the anchor and rudder of life. The anchor will hold us to the truth, while the rudder will guide us by the truth.” (Thomas)

If we ignore this great salvation

The New Covenant Word that Jesus brought is superior to and supersedes the Old Covenant Word communicated through angels. Therefore, we will definitely have to answer for our acceptance or rejection of this better revelation. There will be no excuses (AWLC).

8. Personal application

The cares of this life distract me, but they also lead me to Jesus.

All my hope is in Jesus. He is the way, the truth, and the life. (John 14:6)

Learn and embrace the truth because the truth will make me free. (John 8:32)

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