Acts Lesson 2 Day 4

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Acts 2:22-35


Jesus of Nazareth, the Resurrected Messiah

9. Peter describes God’s plan

God sent Jesus and validated Him by working powerful miracles, signs and wonders through Him.

Jesus Himself said the Jews demanded a sign, and even though His miracles were common knowledge, they handed Him over to be crucified.

Peter told the people that they were guilty of killing the man God sent.

Jesus followed “the deliberate and well-thought-out plan of God.” (Acts 2:23 MSG)

Peter goes on to quote prophecies fulfilled by Jesus.

10. David’s prophecies about Jesus

The Jews looked for a Messiah who would be a military and political king like David. They also knew that the Messiah King would be a decendent of David.

David died and his bones remained in his tomb until that day. His body decayed so the prophecy had to be about someone else.

In quoting Psalm 16, Peter shows how Jesus fulfilled David’s words, and that His followers now full of the Holy Spirit were all eyewitnesses to Jesus’ miracles and that He died, came back to life and ascended to heaven.

11. Attributes

God the Father—

Creator, planner, enabler, empowerer, authorizer, baptizer, dead-raiser, preventer of decay, all-knowing, all-seeing

God the Son—

Willing, accredited by God, miracle worker, followed God’s predestined and deliberate purpose, conquerer of death, sin, and the grave, Savior

God the Holy Spirit—

Baptizer, vision giver, dream giver, transforming power, anointing, flowing

God’s grand design

God has a grand design for His creation, He reveals and announces His plans through His prophets, and He is faithful and well able to complete every detail.

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