Life of Moses Lesson 28 Day 4 Deut 32

Deuteronomy 32:15-43 Deut 32

8.  a.  Contrast Israel’s relationship with God to my own—

  • Israel grew fat and unruly on the abundant supply from their creator. (That could be headline news today!)
  • They abandoned the Lord their God, worshipping and offering sacrifices to demons. (Today, worship of material things and humanism, although one pagan sect is determined to conquer the world.)

The things of this world lack the ability to give true satisfaction. My heart grows lukewarm at times, and my tendency to complain when I’m dissatisfied is epic.

Thankfully, the Holy Spirit convicts, councils, and draws me back. During those times of distraction, self-reliance, and outright rebellion, I pray God will always “turn my heart like rivers of water. Until my whole life (again) flows in the river of Your Spirit, ’til my name brings honor to the Lamb.”

b.  Deut 32 : 19-30

God grew angry with Israel and abandoned them because of their unfaithfulness to him. They suffered the consequences of their own bad choices.

c.  Deut 32 : 31-35

  • The rock of our enemies vs 31
  • Reference to Sodom and Gomorrah (Although the Song of the Vineyard in Isaiah 5:1-7 could mean the vineyard in Deuteronomy compares Israel to Sodom and Gomorrah.)
  • I will take revenge.
  • Their day of disaster will arrive and their destiny will overtake them.

Commentaries differ in whether this part of the song refers to the Canaanites and other enemies of the Jews or the Jews themselves.

The rejection of the Messiah by the Jewish nation, is the continuance of their ancient idolatry, apostasy, and rebellion. They shall be brought to humble themselves before the Lord, to repent of their sins, and to trust in their long-rejected Mediator for salvation. Then he will deliver them, and make their prosperity great.  Matthew Henry Concise Bible Commentary.

Verse 36 goes on to speak of the Jewish nation, so it seems to me, the previous passage is also about the Jews.

9.  Deut 32 : 36-43

The Lord has compassion for Israel because He is their Father. They are His beloved children. No matter how wayward they are, He still loves them.

Even though the Lord allows Israel’s enemies to prevail for a season, their enemies were already marked for destruction. Their lack of repentance and turning from their perversity and idolatry, sealed their destiny.

This conclusion of the song speaks,

  1. Glory to God. No escape can be made from his power.
  2. It speaks terror to his enemies. Terror indeed to those who hate him. The wrath of God is here revealed from heaven against them.
  3. It speaks comfort to his own people.

The song concludes with words of joy. Whatever judgments are brought upon sinners, it shall go well with the people of God. Matthew Henry Concise Bible Commentary.


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